10 Most Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

You probably have a few questions regarding personal fitness and exercise, but may not know who to ask. Despite helping so many different people with unique fitness goals and health needs, we’ve realized that most people have the same basic questions. So, we have compiled a list of the 10 questions we hear the most at American Bodyworks – Holly Springs.

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  • 1. How long should I rest between working out my full body?
    Resting time between working out the full body is normally 48-72 hours.  Depending on your bones, full body workouts may not be the workout for you.  Remember when you are working out you are breaking down muscle tissue.  Take the ample amount of time to recover so you can progress instead of regress.
  • 2. How long should I do cardio and should I do it before or after strength training?
    The length of a cardio a person should do is relevant to the goals that are set forth.  Depending on your bones and physical makeup.  The length of cardio you may be long or short.  Remember though that no matter how long or short it is you heart rate has to be the right zone to get the best benefit from your workout.  Experts will say do cardio before and some will say after strength training.  My opinion on this is that it doesn’t matter before or after, as long as you do it, that’s what counts.
  • 3. How long should I wait after I eat to workout? Should I eat before working out in the morning?
    You should at least wait a half hour after you eat to workout.  It’s really just personal preference, but remember when you eat, blood rushes to the stomach to help break down the food you just put in your body, your workout may be sluggish and tiring.  It also depends on what you eat.

    Some foods require more enzymes and more blood to be broken down.  Large meals require more than small meals.  Yes, you should eat before working out in the morning.  You should have a good carbohydrate source, a complex carbohydrate  (energy).  This will give your body the sugar it needs to sustain you and complete your workout.

  • 4. What is the most effective way to lose weight without spending hours in the gym?
    The most effective way to lose wight without spending hours in the gym is to maximize your time while there.  Quality not quantity.  Scientifically proven personal trainers are the most effective way to get the results that you want.  Hire a personal trainer.  They will tailor a program to the needs that you require.  They will customize the program by including the three basic needs:  Strength training, cardiovascular training and Nutrition.  Stay consistent to what your trainer tells you and has you do.  You will not necessarily lose all the weight, but you will be in the best shape of your life.
  • 5. What is the best diet to follow?
    There is really nothing out there that should be considered the best or even taste plain good.  There maybe some ok diets you could say, but instead of asking that question, you should ask what can I do to lose weight or get into better shape?  There is only one right answer to that.  Change your lifestyle!
  • 6. Should I run or walk on the treadmill to burn more fat?
    Either way will get you the same results, but only if your heart rate is in the right zone to burn fat.  Depending on the person on the Fitness lever you may have to walk or run to get your heart rate to the specific zone.  Once in that zone you will consistently burn more fat than in any other zone on the treadmill.
  • 7. How can I flatten my stomach and get rid of belly fat?
    This question is probably the most asked question of any.  To flatten the stomach and get rid of belly fat you cannot spot reduce.  Meaning crunches and situps will not do the job.  Three things will get the results you are looking for:  Strength training, cardiovascular training and nutrition.  You burn more calories at rest.  Cardiovascular training or heart rate training so you burn fat in the special zone you need to be in the whole time.  Last but certainly not least is NUTRITION.  If you are putting more calories in your body than your body burns off, no matter what training you do is pointless and you will never flatten or tone the stomach area.
  • 8. To lose weight, is it better to do low weight, high reps or heavy weight and low reps?
    To lose weight it is better to do moderate amount of weight with high reps.  Any time you do strength training you need at least a decent amount of weight to break down muscle tissue unless you are a beginner than even low weights are going to break some muscle tissue down.  To lose weight through strength training you need to do various exercises with minimal amounts of rest to maintain a heart rate.  Specifically target for fat.  To lose weight has little to do with weight or reps and a lot to do with heart rate.
  • 9. Why isn’t the scale moving even though I work out for over an hour a few times a week?
    There are numerous amounts of ways to answer a question life this and all answers are correct.  One answer is muscle weighs more than fat so the weight might be the same or even go up but your measurements will definitely go down.  Avoid scales if possible and judge of your measurements and how your clothes fit.

    Another correct answer could be that your heart rate is not in the right zone.  Instead of burning fat you are just burning sugar the whole time.  Another correct answer is your nutrition might be off.  If your working out an hour a day and all other factors are perfect but lack in the nutrition department, you are wasting your time.  If everything is in perfect alignment you should start seeing progression every day.

  • 10. Why is it more effective to work with a personal trainer?
    A personal trainer is able to ask questions and find out what is important to you in working out.  They can show you exactly how to use the machines, the right amount of time for cardio and include core training as a way to balance your body.  It also gives you someone to push you in the right direction and not let you cheat on your workout routine.  Your schedule is planned just around your goals and what it will take to accomplish them.