Fitness for Beginners

“Don’t be intimidated by the gym”

So you’ve decided to do something great for your health and start going to the 24/7 fitness club in Woodstock, Georgia to get fit. Congratulations! Making this step puts you on the path to increased health benefits, more confidence, and a body to be proud of. You may have already discovered that it’s easier said than done.

Working out at the gym is a foreign concept to many first-time or new gym goers, and it can be a scary prospect, especially when it feels like all eyes are on you (not to worry, they probably aren’t). It helps to go to the gym armed with some basic tips for success:

Have a plan. You don’t need to spell out a detailed outline of everything you want to accomplish; just know if you are going for a cardio work out or strength training, or if you want to try a little of both. If you are not sure, do a little research with your goal in mind. When you first join our 24/7 fitness club in Woodstock, Georgia you are given a new member packet. Enclosed is a fat loss program that can assist you in structuring your workouts so that you will feel well prepared to reach the goal of your dreams.

Pick something. When you get there, you may feel overwhelmed by the selection of machines.  Just pick out the one that looks like it will be fun and easy to manage. Don’t worry about not understanding how to work the equipment – a staff member of our 24/7 fitness club in Woodstock Georgia will be happy to show you. Our state-of-the-art workout machines give also step-by-step instructions. It is the desire of every staff member at American Bodyworks to ensure a quality workout experience each and every you step foot into our facility.

Explore. Once you start to get the feel for the layout of the gym, try doing cardio on different equipment, or use your complimentary assessment and session with one of our certified personal trainers. If you ever feel like you are hitting a plateau in your workouts, getting tips from someone with years of expertise and knowledge can really make the difference you are looking for.
Go slow. Now that you’ve gotten to the gym, it’s tempting to try and make up for lost time in one fell swoop. Overdoing workouts is a good way to get injured or fall ill. Start off with 20 minutes of moderate exercise if you are new to working out, and gradually add time and intensity. Our 24/7 fitness club in Woodstock, Georgia has a circuit training area that can help you take the baby steps necessary towards more productive strength training workouts. This area is organized in a circle with directions posted on the wall, so that even a beginner can utilize these machines and reap the amazing benefits of strength training.

Stay hydrated. Remember those health goals you are setting. Adding water is just one easy way to stay healthy. It is especially important to remember water on your new excursions to the gym, as you will be losing more water by sweating.

Trying something new is always a challenge. Remember why you have chosen to start going to the gym and remember to be proud of yourself for making such a sound choice for your health. Stay confident in your ability to learn the ins and outs of the gym, and that confidence will go a long way in seeing you achieve your goals.

In good health,

American Bodyworks 24/7 Fitness Club in Woodstock, Georgia