• American Bodyworks has everything and then some! There’s a lot of stuff I don’t even use because they do have so much. Other gyms I’ve checked out had comparable prices and were 24 hours, but they didn’t have the free weights that this place has.–Joshua Ellis, Firefighter

  • Best 24 hour gym in the city. It has a great variety of equipment for everyone from novice to expert. They also have great rates compared to other gyms.–Gerald, ABW Member

  • They provide so many different tools for so many different people; making sure that every type of person has every type of equipment they need.–ABW Member

  • I’ve worked out at many gyms in the past and this is the BEST gym I’ve ever been too! The staff is very friendly and helpful and the equipment is top notch! I would highly recommend ABW in Holly Springs, GA to anyone looking for a quality 24-hr gym.–Jimmy, ABW Member

  • I have been a member at ABW in Woodstock for about a year and a half now. Fabulous Staff. Very friendly. Great Equipment. Always Clean. Outstanding Personal Service. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Love this gym!–Deb, ABW Member

  • This Place is a great environment to have a nice workout; not too busy and the weights are always free. The employees will give you advice in a heartbeat and great information that really works. Just try it out for a week, I promise you will love it.–Joel,  ABW Member

  • Finally, a gym that got it right!–Joseph, ABW Member

  • I work the night shift, so I need the facility to be open at odd hours. I would recommend American Bodyworks because it fits into your life.–Vicki Coppola, Healthcare Worker

  • I would recommend American Bodyworks because of their staff. I’ve never been to a gym where they were so open to pleasing their customers.–ABW Member


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