I was born and raised in Georgia. Athletics have been an immense part of my life from age six, and I’ve had an interest in fitness and wellness from the time my sophomore year in high school came around. It was a natural fit for me then to seek health and physical education as my major at Kennesaw State University. The semester of my graduation I was approached with the opportunity to operate a 24/7. That same semester I married the girl of my dreams!

I’ve been with ABW for seven years now and I can’t imagine being more blessed. My staff and the members are remarkable in so many ways. This gym is so unique because unlike most health clubs, we strive to operate it with integrity and honesty. We truly care about our member’s goals and our first priority is to make sure we do everything in our power to set them on their path to fulfilling that goal. I think this allows our atmosphere to be helpful and approachable to every person that walks through our doors. If you live in Woodstock, please drop in and ask for Caleb.

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